The Department of Student Engagement (SE) seeks to develop the Georgia Highlands College student body through a series of co-curricular activities that promote experiential learning, leadership, wellness, volunteerism, and an appreciation of the arts. SE encourages and provides student involvement opportunities to complement the academic programs of study and to enhance the overall college experience for all GHC students. 

Student engagement opportunities are provided on all instructional sites.  All programs, events and functions coordinated by SE are funded by the student activity fee that all students pay each semester. For this reason, most programs and events available during the course of the semester are FREE for all students to attend and/or to participate.  SE coordinates the forming of registered student organizations by students and provides resources for those groups as they sponsor a wide variety of programs and events. A current calendar of events and programs for each GHC location can be found online on the Student Engagement Calendar.

Cultural/Entertainment Events

The Department of Student Engagement coordinates and schedules a wide variety of student activities, programs, and events of a cultural, entertainment, and recreational nature throughout the year. Cultural events often include programs or special exhibits on literature, music, and the arts. Entertainment events include professional musicians, novelty attractions, game shows, comedians, and special annual events such as Week of Welcome, Fall Frenzy, and Spring Fling.

Career Services

The goal of Career Services is to encourage students to focus on a career path and setting goals to complement the selection of a degree program and/or pathway.  SE staff conduct career counseling for students to measure interest, ability, and values. Assessments are used to learn more about yourself and how you fit into the workforce.

Students have access to career resources, job searches, and connecting with employers through various resources at  Career fairs are provided throughout the year, bringing local employers and alumni to GHC to assist with career development.  Assistance with preparation of resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, and job searching is also provided.

Student Governance

The Student Government Association (SGA) is composed of student and faculty/staff representatives who work together for the betterment of the student body and its interests. The student representatives of the SGA are the designated representatives (officers) from all the student clubs and organizations at all campuses, plus a limited number of unaffiliated student representative slots called student-at-large positions. Students interested in serving in an at-large position should contact the Department of Student Engagement for an application. Although the SGA includes representatives from the faculty and staff, a student representative serves as chairperson of the SGA and is selected by the student body in March.

The primary purpose of the SGA is to serve as the voice of the student body and act as a liaison between students and college administration in order to help formulate just and proper regulations pertaining to student government and to assist those persons designated to enforce the regulations. The SGA operates under the Constitution of the Student Body of Georgia Highlands College. The SGA also assists the Department of Student Engagement with its activities and events in a manner that strives to result in the greatest possible advantage and satisfaction of all students, both as individuals and as part of the student body as a whole. The SGA also operates as the student activity fee budget committee that determines how the collected student activity fee monies are to be allocated for the upcoming year.

Students also have the opportunity to serve on several institutional committees to assist faculty and staff in the setting, review, and discussion of college policies and procedures. Committees available for student representation and participation include the following:

  • Student Affairs Committee
  • Diversity Initiative Committee
  • Student Judicial Committee

Students interested in serving on an institutional committee should contact the Department of Student Engagement.

Charger Food Pantry

Students experiencing food insecurity are invited to "shop" for items in the pantry at least once a week, free of charge.  Charger Food Pantries are located on all GHC sites and managed by SGA.  The Charger Food Pantry removes a barrier that may keep a student from succeeding in the classroom by providing access to food. 

Student Registered Organizations

A well-rounded, integrated program of student activities is provided through student organizations. Various organizations have been established on campus and instructional sites for students with similar purposes and interests. These groups include scholastic honors, academic departmental groups, student leadership, club sports, student media, and special interest groups.  Membership in all groups is open to all students; however, some may require additional criteria for joining which may include monetary dues or other expenses. Some groups operate primarily on one GHC location, while others may operate on multiple locations. A student at any campus or instructional site is eligible to join any group, regardless of whether the organization is based at that student’s primary campus/site.

Students interested in joining any of the established groups should contact the club advisor for more information. Club Round-Up days are held at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters as an opportunity for students to learn more about the groups.

If you do not see a group that interests you, the Department of Student Engagement encourages students to form new organizations at any time. Guidelines for creation of a new student organization can be found in the GHC Student Handbook.

Listed clubs are followed with the code on which location it primarily operates – Floyd (F), Cartersville (C), Marietta (M), Paulding (P), Heritage Hall (HH), or All Locations (All).

Special Interest Groups

  • Art Club, C
  • Book Club, C | F
  • Brother 2 Brother (B2B), All
  • Cheerleading Squad, All
  • Creative Writing Club, C | F
  • CRU, C
  • Equality Alliance, C | F
  • Gaming Club, C | F
  • Green Highlands, C | P
  • Highlands Film Society, C | F
  • Nature Journaling Club, C
  • Running Club, All
  • Spanish Activities Club, C
  • Student Veterans of America (SVA), C | F | P
  • Weightlifting Club, C
  • Woman to Woman, C

Academic Groups

  • English Majors Association (EMA), F
  • Highlands Association of Nursing Students, HH
  • Psychology Club, C

Honorific Groups

  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), All
  • Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society, All

Leadership Groups

  • Student Ambassadors Program, All
  • Student Government Association (SGA), All

Student Media

  • Six Mile Post (SMP), All
  • Old Red Kimono (ORK), All

Intramural & Competitive Sports

The College offers a wide range of intramural athletic opportunities for those students who wish to participate in competitively or for fun. 

Tournaments and one-day events are offered in team sports such as flag football, basketball, soccer and volleyball. Individual sports are ping pong, billiards, as well as tennis in a league format. There is also a wide range of e-sports offerings available.  Students of all levels - beginner to advanced - are encouraged to participate.  All intramural sports offerings are free for students.

For students wanting a more competitive experience, GHC offers opportunities for players to compete against students from other colleges, both club teams and other NJCAA, NAIA, or NCAA teams.  Currently, GHC offers competitive teams in the following sports:

  • Basketball, All
  • Cheerleading Squad, All
  • eSports, All
  • Soccer, All
  • Volleyball, All

In addition to competitive sports, more laid-back physical wellness activities are available, such as yoga and meditation. The Turkey Trot and Rabbit Run are annual races/walks each semester that students, faculty, staff and their families can enjoy. Kayaks are available to check out, free of charge, at Floyd and Cartersville.


GHC is a Division I member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), as well as a member of the Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association (GCAA) conference.  The College offers men’s and women’s basketball on the Floyd Campus, and baseball and softball in Cartersville.

Student-athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA and earn 12 credit hours to be eligible for participation. All students interested in participating should contact the Director of Athletics at (706) 204-2201 or visit for more information.

Students are encouraged to attend the sporting contests and support their Chargers. Admission is free for all GHC students at home events.