Nexus Degree Programs


Requiring the same 60 credit-hour completion as an associate’s degree, the Nexus is targeted toward high-demand career areas in the State of Georgia. Currently, Georgia Highlands College offers Nexus degrees in the following:

Supply Chain Management in Financial Technology

Nexus degrees are intended for anyone interested in pursuing one of these high-demand careers and is suited for:

  • People who have not earned a degree.
  • People who have a degree but want to transition into a high-demand career field.
  • People who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree but would like to add a targeted credential to their coursework.
  • People who work in a high-demand career field and want to advance along the high demand career ladder.

Employers across the state have been fully engaged in the design and delivery of the Nexus degrees. Course requirements include:

  • 42 credit-hours of general education core (Areas A-F)
  • 18 credit-hours of coursework focusing on the skills and knowledge requirements of a major industry or field
    • Minimum of 12 credit-hours of upper-division courses
    • Must include a substantive experiential learning component
  • At least six- credit hours in an apprenticeship or clinical model such as those used for preparation in the healthcare professions.
  • The experiential learning opportunity will be in a real or simulated environment. All placements will be supervised by a person employed at the company and by a faculty or staff member at the institution.
  • Students will be assessed based on their performance and the projects they complete.

To update your degree, pathway, or concentration please complete the Program of Study Update form.