EDUC 1103  Child Growth and Development  3 Credits  
This course introduces the student to the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of the young child (prenatal through 12 years of age). The course provides for competency development in observing, recording, and interpreting growth and development stages in the young child; advancing physical and intellectual competence, supporting social and emotional development, and examining relationships between child development and positive guidance. Topics include developmental characteristics, prenatal through age 12, developmental guidance applications, observing and recording techniques, ages and stages of development, and introduction to children with special needs.
EDUC 1105  Health Safety and Nutrition  3 Credits  
This course introduces students to the theory, practices, and requirements for establishing and maintaining a safe, healthy learning environment for children ages birth to 5 years old. Topics include: CPR and first aid, health issues, safety issues, child abuse and neglect, and nutritional needs of children.
EDUC 2110  Critical & Contemporary Educ  3 Credits  
This course engages students in observations, interactions, and analyses of critical and contemporary educational issues. Students will investigate issues influencing the social and political con texts of educational settings in Georgia and the United States. Students will actively examine the teaching profession from multiple vantage points both within and outs ide the school. Against this backdrop, students will reflect on and interpret the meaning of education and schooling in a diverse culture and examine the moral and ethical responsibilities of teaching in a democracy. A field component (totaling 10 hours) is required.
EDUC 2120  Diversity in Education  3 Credits  
This course is designed to equip future teachers with the fundamental knowledge of understanding culture and teaching children from diverse backgrounds. A field component (total 10 hours) is required.
EDUC 2130  Exploring Learning & Teaching  3 Credits  
Explore key aspects of learning and teaching through examining your own learning processes and those of others, with the goal of applying your knowledge to enhance the learning of all students in a variety of educational settings and contexts. A field component (total 10 hours) is required.
EDUC 2202  Social and Family Development  3 Credits  
Enables the student to value the complex characteristics of children’s families and communities, and develop culturally responsive practices which will support family partnerships. Students use their understanding to build reciprocal relationships which promote children’s development and learning. Students are introduced to local programs and agencies that offer services to children and families within the community. Topics include: professional responsibilities; family/social issues; community resources; family education and support; teacher-family communication; community partnerships; social diversity and anti-bias concerns; successful transitions; and school-family activities.