ARTS 1010  Drawing I  3 Credits  
Introduction to the techniques, and principles of drawing. Designed primarily for art pathway students and future art majors and others interested in studio art work, this course emphasizes the development of drawing skills and focuses on basic two dimensional design problems.
ARTS 1011  Drawing II  3 Credits  
Techniques, materials and principles of drawing. This course is designed for students in art pathway and future art majors. It expands on basic skills taught in ARTS 1010 and introduces new materials and avenues of expression with a special emphasis on color and design.
Prerequisite(s): ARTS 1010.  
ARTS 1020  Two-Dimensional Design/Color  3 Credits  
The fundamentals of two-dimensional design introduced through projects in a variety of media. Designed for students in art pathway and future art majors, this course investigates the problems and possibilities of color in relation to two-dimensional design through exercises involving hue, value, saturation and other properties of color. It also introduces students to the use of acrylic paint.
ARTS 1030  Three-Dimensional Design  3 Credits  
An investigation of three-dimensional forms and space using various materials and methods. This basic course in sculpture examines the three-dimensional aspects of art structure as applied in a variety of materials, including plaster, wood, and clay. Students study the technical aspects and design problems of working with three-dimensional forms and spatial relationships.
ARTS 1100  Art Appreciation  3 Credits  
This course seeks to develop an understanding of the arts built upon an exposure to the painting, sculpture, architecture and other arts of contemporary and earlier times. Illustrated lectures and readings present the sociological and psychological factors that influence the production of art and show the basic problems of design and technique in the development of an artist and associated works.
ARTS 1111  Art History to Renaissance  3 Credits  
This survey of art history covers the major periods of Western art from pre-history to 1400. It focuses on stylistic trends and cultural relationships. Some consideration is given to non-Western art forms.
Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory placement scores or successful completion of learning support English requirements.  
ARTS 1112  Art History Renaissance to Pre  3 Credits  
This survey of art history covers the main periods of Western art from 1400 to the present. Some consideration is also given to non-Western art.
Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory placement scores or Successful completion of learning support English requirements.  
ARTS 1117  Advanced Drawing (Computer)  3 Credits  
This course will continue to expand drawing and design skills through the application of new technologies with special emphasis on the use of the computer in opening and enriching the possibilities of image making.
Prerequisite(s): ARTS 1010.  
ARTS 1118  Hist & Apprec of Folk Art  3 Credits  
This survey of folk and outsider art history will cover art and artists’ creative activity that takes place outside of the professional mainstream of art, including the art of the self-taught, folk, visionary, vernacular, naïve, and untrained. Students will see significant overlap and limitations in these categories, and with intersections of the mainstream art world. The class is an exploration of this work that exists on the shifting margins of the art world. Students will look at the early 20th century movement Art Brut, with its interest in the art of children and those with mental illness, and move thematically through the visionary writings and illustrations of religious mystics, folk arts, craft traditions, street art, and the more recent art world embrace of artists outside the mainstream. Special focus will be given to the folk and visionary art of our region, such as the pottery of Lanier Meaders and family, and Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden in Summerville.
ARTS 1132  Foundations of Graphic Design  3 Credits  
This course is an introduction to the digital methods of image capture, creation, manipulation and research. Students will build skills in the fundamentals of digital technologies in art and design practices.
ARTS 2050  Fundamentals of Ceramics  3 Credits  
This course provides an introduction to the materials and processes associated with ceramics. Students will participate in the techniques of forming, glazing, and kiln-firing while exploring both functional and sculptural concepts.
ARTS 2181  Painting I  3 Credits  
This studio art course is limited to students in the art pathway. It is designed for majors who have completed their basic studio requirements and wish to work for a semester in a major discipline of painting. The course concentrates on techniques in traditional and innovative oil painting. The course requires extensive effort, both supervised and independent.