MGMT 3000  Principles of Management  3 Credits  
An introduction to the management process, emphasizing planning and strategy, organizational theory and structure, and organizational behavior, direction and control including leadership, motivation, team building, management information systems and current managerial issues such as total quality management, multi-cultural impact and ethical management.
MGMT 3010  Operations Management  3 Credits  
A course focusing on the design and control of production and service operation systems. Topics include material requirements planning, layout, scheduling, work measurement, quality control, and the use of quantitative tools in planning and allocating resources. Computer-assisted problem-solving applications are included.
MGMT 3020  Human Resource Management  3 Credits  
This course is an exploration of the theory and policy to perform the human resource function in modern organizations. Topics include equal employment opportunity (EEO) law and regulations, selection, recruitment, performance appraisal, compensation, training, and labor relations.
MGMT 3030  Organizational Behavior  3 Credits  
An introduction to the discipline of management and contemporary management of organizations, with major emphasis on organization behavior. Topics include perception, attitude, personality, motivation, group dynamics, interpersonal communication, job design, learning theory, decision making, conflict, power, organizational politics, diversity, and organizational culture.
MGMT 4900  Strategic Management Capstone  3 Credits  
A capstone course to integrate the knowledge and skills gained in a student’s program of study. The course provides opportunities to formulate an overall business policy and strategy. It is strongly recommended that the course is taken in the last semester.
Prerequisite(s): Academic Dean or Division Chair permission required.