The mission of Georgia Highlands College, a state college of the University System of Georgia, is to provide access to excellent educational opportunities for the intellectual, cultural, and physical development of a diverse population through pre-baccalaureate associate transfer degree programs, career associate degree programs, and targeted baccalaureate degree programs that meet the economic development needs of the region.

Mission Goals

GHC will meet its institutional mission through six specific mission goals, guided by our shared institutional values.

  1. Create a culture of teaching and learning focused on excellence in academic, personal, and professional growth.
  2. Provide comprehensive services that encourage and empower students, employees, and communities to be successful.
  3. Engage students through evidence-based practices that develop them into successful learners and leaders.
  4. Utilize appropriate technologies and practices to advance programs, services, and operations to support teaching and learning.
  5. Optimize resources to support efficient and effective operations at all levels of the college.
  6. Engage community partners to create, improve, and maintain relationships to promote success for GHC students, employees, and communities.

Shared Values

Access. We provide access to high quality, affordable educational opportunities within the diverse communities we serve. Through intellectual, cultural, physical, and social developmental opportunities, we facilitate the growth and wellness of our students, employees, and our communities.

Caring. We demonstrate personal and professional caring for all students and employees. Through our shared values, we seek to ensure that students and employees know that we are invested in their well-being, growth, and success.

Inclusivity. We recognize the contributions of individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents and work toward inclusivity by creating a culture where diverse perspectives are authentically acknowledged and where those perspectives influence decision-making.

Engagement. We foster engagement for and between students, employees, alumni, and our communities. We encourage positive, meaningful interactions and relationships between individuals, groups, and organizations which lead to intellectual, cultural, physical, and social development.

Excellence. We champion excellence for and by each student, employee, and our communities. Through intellectual, cultural, physical, and social development, we strive to perform and achieve at the highest levels possible in all that we do by operating with the highest standards of academic achievement, personal ethics, and organizational stewardship.