AHSC 1101  Medical Terminology  2 Credits  
This course is designed to prepare students to use a specialized language so they may communicate with other professionals in a health-care setting. Basic principles of medical word building are taught. The student will be able to define, pronounce, spell and analyze medical terms used in the health-care fields.
AHSC 1105  Computers in Healthcare  1 Credit  
All students must attend the mandatory orientation session. This course offers students an introduction to the use of computer technology in health care practice. The course will be offered online using WebCT. Students will use word processing software and use the Internet as a source of current healthcare information.
AHSC 2202  Principles of Nutrition  2 Credits  
This course covers the fundamental principles of human nutrition from a biological perspective. Included will be the study of the major nutrient classes, nutrition and related diseases, consumer concerns about foods and the requirements of various stress groups. This course is usually offered only once every two academic years.
Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory placement scores.