BUSA 1105  Introduction to Business  3 Credits  
An integrative survey of the functional areas of business (finance, operations, marketing, human resources, etc.).
BUSA 1200  Sustainability in a Bus Enviro  3 Credits  
A course which examines how the environment, social responsibility, and sustainability influence current business practices. The exploration will focus on how the implementation of those concepts can help a business gain a competitive advantage in the business marketplace.
BUSA 2105  Communicating in Business, Tec  3 Credits  
A course emphasizing both interpersonal and organizational communications to include written and oral exercises appropriate to business, technical and professional practice.
BUSA 2106  The Environment of Business  3 Credits  
An introduction to the political, social, legal, ethical, environmental and technological issues that form the context for business; to include an overview of the impact of demographic diversity on organizations.
BUSA 2205  Fundamntls of Comp Application  3 Credits  
This course will provide students with hands-on experience using business software applications to solve information focused problems. There is a heavy emphasis placed on Excel as students format and modify worksheets, use advanced formulas, and create charts and pivot tables.
BUSA 2600  Intro to Entrepreneurship  3 Credits  
This course introduces students to the theory of entrepreneurship and its practical implementation. It focuses on different stages related to the entrepreneurial process, including business model innovation, monetization, small business management as well as strategies that improve performance of new business ventures. Centered around a mixture of theoretical exploration as well as case studies of real-world examples and guest lectures, students will develop an understanding of successes, opportunities and risks of entrepreneurship. Students will also develop skills in written business communication and oral presentations that allow students to integrate entrepreneurship concepts and interact with business experts. This course has an interdisciplinary approach and is therefore open to students from other Majors.
BUSA 2700  Small Business Ventures  3 Credits  
A step-by-step presentation of how to manage and operate a small business. The areas covered include understanding a business plan, ethics, social entrepreneurship, site location, marketing, and managing growth in a small business.
Prerequisite(s): BUSA 2600.  
BUSA 2800  Business Plan Development  3 Credits  
This course focuses on business plans as a necessary element of starting a business and also prepares the students to participate in business planning in large institutions. The course will go through the process of preparing successful business plans including determining the contents of a plan and reviewing an actual plan. The course will be designed to help the students to incorporate the contents of the core management courses. Upon the completion of the course the students are expected to analyze and prepare the components of a business plan.
Prerequisite(s): BUSA 2600.  
BUSA 3000  Statistical Analysis for Bus  3 Credits  
An introduction to the application of statistics to business. Descriptive statistics, sampling procedures, random variables, sampling distributions of the means and proportions, estimation and inference, simple linear regression, an introduction to multiple regression, and categorical data models are emphasized. A current statistical software package for microcomputers is utilized to analyze business data.
Prerequisite(s): A grade of C or better in STAT 1401.  
BUSA 4000  Professional Career Management  3 Credits  
A course which explores career and life planning issues in business settings. Students will focus on informed career decision making and career management as well as development of essential verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Key topics are self-assessment, career exploration, the navigation of the interview and job search process, preparation for employment, transitioning from college to work, and understanding business culture. Additional career related topics may be explored.
BUSA 4100  Internship  3 Credits  
A supervised work-study program in selected companies. Students will be permitted to undertake internships only after review of academic qualifications and with firms per- approval by the program coordinator. Note: Repeatable for credit up to 6 credits.
Prerequisite(s): A grade of C or better in BUSA 4000.