SOCI 1101  Introductory Sociology  3 Credits  
A survey of the discipline of sociology. Topics will include sociological theory, methods and selected substantive areas.
Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory placement scores or successful completion of all learning support requirements.  
SOCI 1160  Intro to Social Problems  3 Credits  
A theoretical and empirical analysis of selected major social problems confronting American society. The history and development of current social problems and possible future solutions are considered. Among the social problems studied are crime and delinquency, poverty, mental illness, family disorganization and social change. Attention is given to social attitudes and values.
Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory placement scores or successful completion of all learning support requirements.  
SOCI 2100  Constructions of Difference  3 Credits  
Race, class, gender, and sexuality are axes of stratification, identity, and experience. They are often taken for granted or go unrecognized. In this course, we critically examine the social construction of difference, focusing on race, class, gender and sexuality. The course spotlights the involvement of social institutions in the construction process and how the consequences create systems of inequality that privilege few while oppressing many.
SOCI 2130  Group Process  3 Credits  
This course focuses on the dynamics of personal interactions in groups. It includes an examination of various models and understandings of group interaction, but special attention is devoted to the development of specific group membership and leadership skills.
Prerequisite(s): SOCI 1101 or PSYC 1101.  
SOCI 2145  Sociology of Death and Dying  3 Credits  
An interdisciplinary survey of research, last rites and customs from various cultures concerning end-of-life issues. Topics covered include but are not limited to: the dying patient, medical directives, hospice, euthanasia, grief, widowhood, life after death and spirituality. Experiential learning techniques (labs, field projects, etc.) will be used along with the lecture. Emphasis will be place on social issues, practical problems and personal and professional strategies for dealing with these issues.
Prerequisite(s): SOCI 1101 or PSYC 1101 or consent of instructor.  
Notes: Students may NOT receive credit for both PSYC 2145 AND SOCI 2145.  
SOCI 2293  Intro to Marriage & the Family  3 Credits  
An introduction to the structure, processes, problems and adjustments of contemporary marriage and family life.
Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory placement scores.  
SOCI 3800  Develpmnt of Criminal Behavior  3 Credits  
Focuses on understanding the development of criminal behavior. The course will cover topics such as the causes of violent crime and the development of criminality.
Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1102: C or better.